Audience Tuning Method: Look-alike for Successful Targeting


Thanks to the Look-alike method, you can easily “find similar” users and make them a profitable offer. Translated from English, this term means exactly “search for similar ones”. Using it, you will be able to highlight those users who already have a positive experience of interacting with your store.

Benefits of using look-alike


By opting for Look-alike targeting, you get many benefits:

  1. Only those who are really interested will know about your offers. Obviously, the conversion in this case will increase.
  2. All advertising campaigns conducted by you will be perceived positively by customers, because the audience has already been specially selected “by interests”.
  3. You get tangible budget savings, because you stop spending money on non-target users.

Look-alike targeting is learnable. It can analyze user behavior and predict it within certain given limits. Then the system finds users on the network with a similar “pattern” of behavior and shows them the prepared ad unit.

For the system to work, you need to configure Yandex.Audience. you need to create a segment by loading contacts from the database, then select "segment similar" and specify the degree of accuracy of coverage. look_like_2 The more accurate the segmentation, the smaller the coverage will be, and vice versa. To help the program find even more new users for you, set a low match percentage. If you want to convey information “pointwise”, only to guaranteed loyal customers, then the percentage of compliance should be maximum.


With Look-alike technology, you can find many interested customers. After all, the closer the interests of your audience, the more likely it is to conclude a profitable deal!

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