Compiling the terms of reference for the programmer. How right?
It often happens that a ready-made site needs to be somehow modified : add a calculator to calculate the cost online, “fasten” a parser or statistics analyzer. It doesn't have to be building blocks. It can also be a unique service that helps in choosing, calculating or comparing. In any case, ready-made solutions will not work here, and the help of a programmer will be needed.
AMP: Facts to Know About Accelerated Mobile Pages
Accelerated Mobile Pages is a relatively new technology from Google, which appeared in connection with the new page indexing policy. Google is gradually moving away from desktop indexing, and it is believed that as early as next year, mobile versions of the site will prevail in search. For mobile users, page loading speed is the deciding factor, which is why using AMP technology is so important.
How to increase page loading speed on a website
One of the basic SEO recommendations for improving the behavioral factors on the site is the need to increase the page loading speed. And indeed: the faster the site works, the more pleasant it is to use it, and both visitors and optimizers agree on this.
New site: we optimize and promote to the TOP
Websites are necessary for businesses to promote online. But the whole process does not end with just creating a website. Users simply will not find your company in the search results if it is further than the second or fourth page. Ideally, your site should be on the first page, or at least in the TOP 100. But how can this be achieved? There is only one way out - to please the search engines. And for this you need to optimize the site. Moreover, it is advisable to start external and internal optimization at the stage of site building.
UI and UX: Understanding Similarities and Differences
A designer in the field of UI and UX, that is, a specialist who is equally well versed in both directions, is nonsense. The specialization of UI and UX is simultaneously indicated by those who do not fully understand the differences. We will tell you with examples how UI and UX differ and how they are similar.