Has your website traffic dropped? Do it!
You have reached the top in Yandex and Google and your site proudly flaunts in the TOP-10. All content on it is original, photographs are copyright, orders are permanent. It remains only to enjoy stable traffic! Everything is so, if not for one "but" - it happens that attendance from the search falls, and no one is immune from this.
New Yandex.Webmaster. What opportunities have become available?
The updated version of Yandex.Webmaster has now been supplemented with a convenient tool that allows you to evaluate the process of indexing by a search engine. This tool is located in the Indexing section, in the Statistics tab. There is a certain algorithm of work, and it is quite simple to use it.
Search on the site: we improve to the ideal!
There should always be a search on the site. Even if the menu is clearly structured, highlighted and understandable. A small search bar is a kind of signal for the client that you understand his requests. But how well does it work?
What are UTM tags and why are they useful?
Above the effective promotion of the site, and at the same time - and business, you need to gradually and constantly work. How to understand which advertising platforms are more useful for your project? How justified are the costs for each of the advertising channels? It's simple: you need to track the effectiveness of each of them using Google Analytics and UTM tags.
How to get regular customers?
The client is undeniably always right, but only if it is really YOUR client. It is impossible and completely useless to try to please everyone and everyone. Even among the target audience with well-defined geographic, demographic and other targeting, not all potential customers are equally valuable. First of all, you should focus on regular customers. Earning their long-term trust is not easy, but real.