How to get regular customers?


Как заполучить постоянных клиентов

The client is undeniably always right, but only if it is really YOUR client. It is impossible and completely useless to try to please everyone and everyone. Even among the target audience with well-defined geographic, demographic and other targeting, not all potential customers are equally valuable. First of all, you should focus on regular customers. Earning their long-term trust is not easy, but real.

The value of loyal customers

Ценность постоянных клиентов

  • They are more willing to order products of their favorite brand - they make a purchase decision faster.
  • They pay less attention to the price, they are ready to spend more in exchange for permanently excellent quality.
  • Loyal customers are more enthusiastic about purchasing other product categories.
  • They buy from you, not from competitors :).

How to keep customers?

The first priority for any online store is the balance between the quality and price of the product. If the client is satisfied with this indicator, then with a high degree of probability the customer will return to the site again and buy something else. A tempting competitive offer can be of interest to consumers, but in order to increase the trust in the site and gain loyal connoisseurs of the brand, a whole range of measures is needed.

  1. Website design and content . Convenient, understandable, friendly - we wrote about it a thousand times, but it's not difficult for us to repeat briefly :) Already after a quick glance and waiting for the main page to load, the visitor understands whether he will extend his stay on the site or look for something better. Ideally, he will continue to explore the resource and may even put a certain product in the basket. However, before giving their hard-earned money, the visitor will appreciate the reliability of the company.

    Дизайн и контент сайта

    Loyalty can be increased by:

    • real photos of employees and the production process;
    • information about the history and achievements of the company;
    • offline point of sale, where, if necessary, the client can touch / smell / try on the product.
  2. Service . 97% of potential customers will return to the site only because of gracious, perfectly knowledgeable managers. The site is a round-the-clock source of information, but to place orders 24 hours a day, an appropriate schedule for the staff of the service resource is required. If orders are processed at certain hours, then this must be mentioned on the site, on the “frontal place”, for example, in the header. 75% of site visitors prefer to communicate and apply by phone. The success of the transaction depends on the competence and courtesy of managers in this case. Сервис
  3. Properly designed "showcase" . In online trading, as well as in its offline counterpart, scammers are common. Therefore, the prudence and captiousness of consumers when choosing products is fully justified. You can convince them of the integrity of your offers and the quality of the goods in several ways. Правильно оформленная витрина сайта

    • Detailed description of the goods. For product information, it is better to hire professional copywriters, especially for the service industry. The description can be original and even humorous if appropriate. Online stores with a large assortment of products should also have detailed descriptions. It is not necessary to write a beautiful artistic text about each dress or blouse, but it is worth pointing out the composition of the fabric and the features of the cut.
    • Numerous photographs. You can interest a real shopaholic and carefully lead him to purchase a product with the help of numerous illustrations with a product. View from above, from the side, from below, from the inside, in section, in flight - a maximum of angles. This way you can prove even to the most skeptical site visitor that sitting in front of the monitor of his device, he can find out all the ins and outs of the offered product and not waste time testing the product in an offline store. Ideally, photos should be professional, but even amateur shots of REAL products will work to make an instant purchase decision.
    • Comparison of goods . This option is often found in online stores with a large assortment of similar products. The ability to match models, twist and turn them in different directions saves users time and simplifies the process of choosing a product.
    • Video reviews . Video reviews on operation or self-assembly of the product will help to finally “finish off the unbelieving Thomas”.

    Amazon is considered to be the undisputed leader in the implementation of all these features. They describe their readers so “deliciously” that it is almost impossible to resist buying.

  4. Order tracking . It's no secret that the domestic postal service is unpredictable. The parcel may arrive on time, but it may also be delayed. Therefore, for the integrity of the nerves of customers, it is necessary to develop a convenient personal account with an indication of the status of the order. Thus, he will be able to at least roughly understand exactly where his purchase is, knowing the planned delivery day. Отслеживание заказа на сайте
  5. Loyalty program . Where without her? Customers want to receive pleasant surprises in the form of gifts and discounts for their trust and commitment to the brand. Программа лояльности для постоянных клиентов сайта
  6. New. Loyal customers are good, but if there are no new products, then there is nothing to repurchase. Catalog updates should be interesting, still of high quality and relevant.

An attentive reader could easily catch the main leitmotif of today's article - respect for the client and honesty. Sincere, active, interested in success sellers are sure to acquire many loyal customers.

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