Yandex.Audience: a new tool for precise targeting


At the end of June, Yandex announced the launch of a new service for advertisers - Yandex.Audience. This is a tool that works with the client base and allows you to identify clients by their belonging to a certain group: by age, degree of activity, geographical location, and so on. You can create audiences directly from a file with a client base. There is only one caveat - this database should have more than 1000 contacts.

Now Yandex cookies will be added to each uploaded contact, which means that advertisers will be able to work with cross-browser retargeting. Today, this function is well implemented only in Google, but with the advent of Yandex.Audience, advertisers' opportunities have significantly expanded. After all, now there is a connection between all the devices of one user: if the user sent his e-mail during registration, then you can send him a notification about the action not only on mobile, but also on desktop.

Features of Yandex.Audience


The new tool also uses the classic principles of retargeting: you can exclude the least loyal customers from your advertising campaign in order to make better use of your budget. In addition, you will be able to:

  • select similar groups in audiences and select them on the same basis;
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  • share collected clients with other Yandex users. In this case, the advertiser gets access to the audience, but does not see personal information and customer contacts;
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  • expand the reach of the retargeting company and get new loyal customers.
Features of Yandex.Audience

Of course, there is still no exact information about the features of Yandex.Audience. Some of its algorithms work with an accuracy of 80-90%. Therefore, it is believed that this method of segmentation is suitable for advertisers with a large client base. They will be able to work with segments for several groups and correctly select the right audience for multi-directional advertising campaigns.

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