The project as a temporary phenomenon
Project management is about making a plan and executing it. Therefore, the more accurately and accurately the plan is drawn up, the more convenient it is to carry out project tasks and complete the project on time.
The ability to communicate with customers is the key to a successful transaction
Probably, everyone in the process of their working path at least once had experience of communicating with clients. And everyone knows how difficult it is to find a common language and an individual approach to everyone.
Unique design: 5 reasons in favor of it
The only ones who can create a unique design are smart designers. For a modern company whose goal is not only real, but also virtual promotion through its website, the uniqueness of design is an indisputable rule. Whether it's a business card site, a full-scale corporate site or an online store, it should look special. The unique design is remembered on an intuitive level, and even if the user does not remember the name of the company (which is not surprising given the scattered attention of Internet users), he will surely remember the unusual three-dimensional button that he pressed, or several pictures from the slideshow that attracted attention . And thanks to these seemingly insignificant elements, users will return to the site one by one, recommending it to friends and acquaintances. The unique design will not be found anywhere else on the Internet, and this is its main advantage.
Yandex in Ukraine
Yandex has long been known in Russia as the most popular search engine. But any company seeks to expand, and so, back in 2005, Yandex came to Ukraine and on September 6 opened its representative office with the main office located in Odessa.
How to plan time and do everything?
Time should work for you, not you for it. Each of us often has the feeling that the day has flown by, and nothing important has been done. You will find a lot of reasons, and psychologists and time managers will say that you do not know how to manage your time. After all, the ability to organize and build your day, control your time and set priorities correctly can be learned. And this means that you can manage to do everything that is planned.