Яндекс.Директ In order to advertise on the Internet, special services are required. For contextual advertising, you can use both services from Google and Yandex, as well as other less common ones. But how does Yandex.Direct, a service for placing contextual advertising, differ from all the others? Let's look at all its possibilities.

With the help of Yandex.Direct, you can place search advertising on the Internet in Yandex and on partner sites of its advertising system. It became the first Russian-language service of its kind (2001), ahead of Google AdWords and Begun by a whole year. It also provides other options. For example, with its help, you can independently evaluate user demand for any information and choose the request for your advertisement yourself.

The format in which Yandex.Direct presents ads is a small text block that contains a title and text. Both parts are limited by the allowed number of characters: for the title - 33, and for the text of the advertisement - 75 characters. The ad itself is displayed in the search results with 3 (or less) ads on the top and 1-9 on the right. This is a standard way of advertising in search results, available with the help of any other similar services.

But Yandex.Direct, of course, has its own differences, both advantages and disadvantages. For example, in comparison with Google AdWords, it is more expensive, but it is considered that the success of advertising placement is higher in it. Direct also works as much as possible on all topics, in which it wins over AdWords, but in specific topics in which AdWords is promoted, it is inferior. In addition, in terms of traffic, Direct accounts for only a third of AdWords traffic , and the average price in it is 2 times higher . But the interface of Framed Direct is simpler and clearer, and setting up contextual advertising is not difficult even for a beginner.

Webakula - Яндекс.Карты And now the main difference between Yandex.Direct is priority placement , called geo-advertising. Do you want advertising to be broadcast all over the world! Please just pay more. Do you want to advertise within the country? Easily! Within the city? Receive and sign. But within the same region? Not? And with the help of Yandex.Direct, this is now possible. Why advertise your small business for a fortune when you can get more customers within 5-10 minutes of your store location and earn more for less. Very comfortably.

In conclusion, we can give banal statistics. More than 5 million Ukrainians use Yandex search in Ukraine every month. That is, all these people will see your ad if they are interested in something similar. So this is a very good service, simple and easy to use.

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