Unique design: 5 reasons in favor of it


Уникальный дизайн How is one site different from another? Apart from the theme and content, of course. Color, shape of elements, font, you say. But it’s not so easy to come up with all this and put it into one whole, so when creating a site, many take a template design and create their own site. One of many.

The only ones who can create a unique design are smart designers. For a modern company whose goal is not only real, but also virtual promotion through its website, the uniqueness of design is an indisputable rule. Whether it's a business card site, a full-scale corporate site or an online store, it should look special. The unique design is remembered on an intuitive level, and even if the user does not remember the name of the company (which is not surprising given the scattered attention of Internet users), he will surely remember the unusual three-dimensional button that he pressed, or several pictures from the slideshow that attracted attention . And thanks to these seemingly insignificant elements, users will return to the site one by one, recommending it to friends and acquaintances. The unique design will not be found anywhere else on the Internet, and this is its main advantage.

Уникальный дизайн

In addition to ordinary site visitors, search engines also pay attention to its design. Uniqueness is valued by them not only in content. Modern technologies allow us to determine the similarity of designs, so that a template site will never be ready for promotion as a site with a unique design.

The usability of a unique site is much higher than a template one. If necessary, the designer will arrange all the elements on the site in such a way as to focus on specific things, highlighting them and pushing them to the most visible areas of the page. An interested user will study the site more deeply, and it is the designer who will push him to this.

A site design specially developed for a particular company will fully correspond to the theme of the project. There will be no incomprehensible stylistic elements or "off-topic" ornaments - nothing superfluous. Only thoughtful details, such as "correctly rounded" corners and textures that match the type.

In the development of a unique design, the wishes of the customer are taken into account. The designer has many opportunities to implement a variety of design moves and ideas that are difficult to even imagine in a simple template. And the customer can adjust the design as he wants.

To summarize, there are 5 main reasons for using a unique design:

  1. High memorability;
  2. High ranking of the site by search engines;
  3. Improved usability;
  4. Full compliance with the theme of the site;
  5. Full compliance with the wishes of the customer.
Уникальный дизайн сайта: 5 причин

In addition, the unique design of the site also affects the overall impression of the entire company, since the site is the face of the company on the Internet. And the face should be not only pleasant, but also presentable, memorable. Don't forget about your virtual face!

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