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There is an issue with the management of ActionScript scripts in Flash and ShockWave in the Opera web browser. This is not displayed in any way on the Flash element, which simply acts as an animated picture. However, if any actions should occur when hovering over this picture or clicking on this picture or on any area of this picture, then users of the Opera Internet browser, and especially the programmer of this site, whose customer uses Opera, will be disappointed.

The essence of the problem

The essence of the problem lies in the fact that Opera by default blocks the management of Flash and ShockWave content, i. ActionScript. You can control it only by clicking on it with the mouse. In the best case, if this is for example a flash-player or a flash-menu, the user has to constantly click 2 times instead of one. But if, as in my case, the flash content is a link to an internal page, and by default it is a static image, and when you hover over it with the mouse it should be animated, then by clicking on it with the mouse, Opera users go to another page without seeing animations

Opera does this not at all from a good life, but from the type of its proprietary license, like Flash. A one-click license for Flash and ShockWave costs several million dollars a year. Microsoft and Google buy it, and Firefox can use it for free - because. Firefox is free and free software, unlike the previously mentioned IE, Safari, Chrome and Opera.


The problem is solved quite simply by using the AC_RunActiveContent.js JavaScript script to dynamically insert Flash and ShockWave content.

you can download it here:

Connected to the head script AC_RunActiveContent.js

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/AC_RunActiveContent.js"></script>

After that, Flash is output by the code:

<script type="text/javascript"> AC_FL_RunContent('width',128,'height',128,'src','at','quality','high','wmode','opaque'); </script>

Where at is the path to the flash drive at.swf WITHOUT extension (This is the only inconvenience fixed in PHP substr('at.swf',0,-4) )

And the most important attribute is 'wmode','opaque' which allows you to bypass Flash blocking in Opera.

And as a result, we have unblocked and workable Flash content in Opera

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