Buying links to promote the site


Many SEO-specialists believe that the only way to raise a site in the TOP of search results is by buying links. Others claim that there is no need for this and only work on content and usability is enough. In fact, buying links to a site makes sense, it is only important to do it right.

Why does link buying work?

Buying links to promote the site

A few years ago, for promotion, it was really enough just to optimize the content taking into account the selected keywords. However, the presence of the necessary keywords soon ceased to be a key ranking factor, since there were really a lot of texts “for promotion”. Then they added another criterion - reference citation. Now search robots evaluate not only the correspondence of texts to queries, but also the number of “external” sources containing links to the “cited” resource. And the rating is set according to this quantity.

The process of link building itself, which includes the purchase of eternal links for the site, is much longer and more costly than the preparation of content. Especially when you consider that search engines control not only the number of links, but also the quality of the sites on which they are placed.

So, the generated reference mass allows:

  • increase the position of the site in the search;
  • attract new traffic;
  • increase the credibility of the resource, its recognition.

How are suitable donors selected for buying links?

Usually use sites with similar or related topics. But you can also use information resources covering several topics (including yours), buy blocks for placement on media sites, or post articles through the Miralinks eternal links exchange. The attendance of the donor site must be more than 500 people per day, otherwise the purchase of links on it does not make sense. In addition, you need to take into account the frequency of updating the resource and the degree of audience involvement, since this also makes sense for promotion. In addition, there should be no aggressive advertising, otherwise it will be difficult to get a “live” audience.

It is best if the link is placed on the main page. Then it will work not only to increase the “authority” for search robots, but also to actually attract potential customers, that is, as an additional source of traffic.

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