Content for SEO: Main course or tasty condiment?

Контент для SEO

In our blog, we have already discussed the fashionable topic of the evolution of SEO, but this time we will talk about content. At first glance, a sharp turn towards this topic may seem unexpected, but it is the content of the site at the moment that is one of the main factors affecting positions in search results. We decided to try to understand why this is happening, as well as to figure out what ingredients and under what sauce this very vip factor is served to Internet users.


Everyone has long since resigned themselves to the fact that SEO has changed and moved to a new level. Something else is interesting: modern website promotion and optimization is a delicate and unpredictable business. In fact, there are no such factors that would not affect the ranking. For optimization, all ingredients are important and all ingredients are needed, so they must be thoroughly washed, cleaned, cut, cooked, garnished and served skillfully.

BUT! As in any other business, there are those in SEO cooking who prefer salty, spicy, and even eat only sweets. There is no dispute about tastes, and even more so about the preferences of self-learning algorithms, since they create special formulas for each request. In other words, no one gives a 100% guarantee for promotion now. Explaining why sites that are approximately the same in terms of basic indicators can share several pages in the search is also not an easy task, both for workers on the invisible front of optimization and for those who made this mess - employees of search structures.

Preparation of the main ingredients

Try, experiment and get your own unique recipe for successful promotion, while not forgetting about the basic, mandatory SEO tools:

  1. content;
  2. high-quality reference mass;
  3. website design and usability;
  4. semantic relevance;
  5. social media citation.
Основные инструменты SEO


From the above hierarchy, it is not difficult to guess that content is the head of everything. The second place rightfully belongs to links. Yes, no one canceled them, and again we come across BUT. What should these links be? The content, as the main dish, must be supplemented with expensive gourmet condiments in the form of “live” links from third-party sites that are followed by real users.

BUT, no matter how much we salt and pepper the rotten meat, it will not become appetizing. Fresh, interesting, relevant, unique and well-crafted content is especially good for promotion. It will naturally attract visitors, users will come running to the delicious smell and will probably make a lot of reposts on social networks, which will certainly be noticed and approved by search engines.

You should remember the principle of high quality in the case of partner placements (sites that link to the promoted resource). The materials on these sites should also be in demand, useful and tasty.

Read the next article on our blog to learn how truly tasty content is created.

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