Content is the opium of the people

Контент - опиум народа

The Internet is filled with a myriad of empty, faceless, uninteresting, monotonous, and sometimes meaningless content. Spammed texts are not liked even by search robots, not to mention sophisticated and demanding users. How is Content with a capital “K” created?

"In the beginning there was a word"

These lines are of great importance not only for Christians, but also for filling the site. Of course, content is not only texts, these are also media files, but the word has always been and will be primary. Infographics, album titles, news announcements, and even video titles need words. In addition, most of the principles described below will be relevant even for the selection of pictures. Don't believe? Read on.

Knowing all the letters by heart, skillfully and COMPETENTLY compiling sentences from them is already half the success, but only real virtuosos of their craft can create a truly interesting text. Masterfully juggling with epithets and allegories, they turn any topic into an exciting reading, and with a sonorous heading they can set any heretic on the path of detailed acquaintance with the material.

10 commandments of successful content

  1. Target orientation.
  2. The logic of presentation and presentation of the material.
  3. Accuracy.
  4. Conciseness.
  5. Exclusivity.
  6. Data.
  7. Numbers.
  8. Comparisons and comparisons.
  9. Humor.
  10. Originality.


Above, we have listed only the basic principles, but in order to devoutly follow them, it is necessary to become more familiar with the interpretation of the dogma.

The father of good content is always logic. Not many people know that the first line of the New Testament book about the founding Word has several meanings. One of them is meaning, intellect, reason. Be logical and consistent in the presentation of the material. A clear structure, accuracy and conciseness should become a guiding star to comprehend the mystery of creating interesting material.

Контент на сайте

It should also be borne in mind that there is no universal content and a particular message always has a specific purpose and a specific audience.

There are several areas of user activity that content should stimulate:

  • ordering goods and services;
  • site subscription;
  • distribution of content in social networks;
  • active commenting on materials.

The son of logically structured content is none other than uniqueness. There is nothing to explain here, the exclusive is pleasant to everyone. Now about the most important thing. Truly juicy material can only be obtained through hard work and, most often, at considerable expense, which will definitely pay off in the future if you approach the matter with special reverence. Any material on the site will be decorated with fresh facts, figures (graphs, charts, statistics), comparisons and comparisons, interviews (forecasts and estimates from experts).

The holy spirit of content is humor and originality (creativity, if you will). Without these companions, even the most useful information will get bored and will not be read, inspected, scrolled through to the end. By the way, about the beginning and the end: the gap between them (the main part) - whether we are talking about video, text or infographics - should be as informative as possible and constantly keep the attention of the reader / viewer. The rule of compression and simplification is the hero of our time, an era in which time, with a colossal abundance of information, is just not enough. It is this fact that dictates the postulates of creating modern content. Information should be well and accurately dosed, you can not constantly rely only on detailed solid posts. The main thing is not the size, but the quality.


In any religion, the main figure has always been a man, with all his vices, fears, hopes and dreams, do not forget about your like-minded people, write for the people, create for the people!

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