Content Marketing: 5 Advanced Tactics


Blog posts, news, video reviews, photos are all content. And to make your content strategy effective, use five simple tactics.

Product description

Every ecommerce specialist knows that a product must be accompanied by a description. It provides the user with the right information about the product, and also creates the emotions necessary for the sale.

So, you can provide purely technical information or describe all the same information emotionally. For example, in the case of a computer keyboard, the cable length may be indicated as: 180 cm or "in the height of Bruce Willis." Accordingly, descriptions based on dry facts will be more understandable to "physicists", and for the humanities, images created with the help of emotions are more suitable.

A similar example can be chosen for any product. Take wallpaper for example. The description might look like this:

  1. Type of material - non-woven, roll size - 0.7x10.05m, good light fastness, color - red with an embossed gold pattern.
  2. Bright red color will fill the space with warmth, while gold will demonstrate luxury. Non-woven wallpaper is not only aesthetic, but also practical. They are suitable for classic interiors.

It is clear that this is a general comparison, but the difference is obvious.

And only as a result of A / B testing is it determined which description sells better.

Video with information about the product

You can show a product not only with a description, but also with the help of a video. Moreover, stubborn statistics also come into play: 72% of the resources in the TOP of the issue contain video content.

Online store owners know that those products that have video reviews sell 65% better.

But the possibilities of video content are not limited to description only. It can be a unique master class: people will come to see you and share a link to your resource. Satisfied and interested visitors - what could be better?

Articles with useful information for the client

If the tasks and problems of customers are solved on your resource, be sure that more will come to you. To study new fashion trends, learn how to lay linoleum on your own, clarify medical issues - the topics of the articles should correspond to the topics of your resource.

Important! To increase customer loyalty, such content should not be selling, but informational, relevant and useful. It helps to make a choice or simply “fires” an interesting chip.

Quality photos

Photos are always shared. They take new pictures and post their network again. The popularity of Instagram is proof of this. It would be strange not to take advantage of this opportunity to advance.

Moreover, the same statistics say that for every repost of a text, there are 40 photo reposts. Product descriptions, social media posts, lookbooks, catalogs, articles – this is the place for high-quality pictures.

And one more thing - users are always attracted by entertaining content. Quizzes, polls and contests will attract you a lot of new customers. And you can learn a lot about your subscribers.

All this together works exclusively for the success of the business.

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