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Настройка контекстной рекламы

Hello colleagues! In this article, I would like to share useful tips on how to launch RK on Google (search and display), how to properly set up and use ADP, launch video campaigns, and how to promote applications through AdWords. Go!

Running Google Campaigns

If you are not new to this business, then, of course, you know that before launching a campaign, you need to set up goals and set counters. If you have not yet had to deal with the setting, then do the above steps and only then proceed to launch. Have you already done everything? Then read below for 5 tips for launching campaigns.

Tip 1. Keys should be divided into ad groups / individual campaigns

Let's draw an analogy: you have a lot of things in your closet that you are unlikely to throw off in one pile. There is a shelf for underwear and a separate shelf for outerwear. So here - no need to dump all the keys in one ad group. They must be segregated in meaning.

Tip 2: Keep It Simple

Do not be smart with the ad text. Be simple, write in clear language. The text should be such that after showing it to someone, the person understands what it is about and what he needs to do in order to buy / order. If you offer to buy a phone, write it in the title, and not something like: “I have something that you cannot refuse!”. Something like this.

Tip 3. Selling keys with "pluses"

Настройка контекстной рекламы Google Let the first keys be those that are closer to the sale. Read the example and you will understand.

We return to the sale of the phone. Here the words will be:

+buy +phone

+ phone + price

+ phone + internet + shop

In this case, the + sign is an operator that performs its role in AdWords: if this sign is placed in front of a word, then this word must be in the user's query.

It is very important not to add high-frequency keywords to campaigns until you learn all the intricacies of contextual advertising. To make it clear: you do not need to add the word "phone" to the list of keys. It would seem that the word is one, but the budget will merge at once!

Tip 4. Negative keywords

Настройка контекстной рекламы Adwords An important point that should not be forgotten. These words are like guards - they filter out "empty", irrelevant transitions. Let's go back to selling a phone and use it as an example to write a list of negative keywords:

-bu, -repair, -fix, -breakdown, -malfunction

Note that if the selling keys in AdWords are protected by pluses, then we are protected from "empty" transitions by 80%.

Tip 5: Ad Extensions

This is, so to speak, a marathon for the usual text ads. Thanks to extensions, your ads will be able to show: phone number + address + clarifications.

First, by using extensions, you will make your ads more attractive, which will lead to an increase in click-through rate. And, secondly, having received a high CTR, we increase the Quality Score, which leads to an increase in the status at auctions.

Of course, the list of tips goes on, but trust me, following these five tips will definitely improve the quality of your ads.

Recommendations for launching a display network in AdWords

Советы по контекстной рекламе Now let's start distributing a recommendation for setting up a display network in Google.

Separate targeting types in campaigns. Simply put, each campaign should have its own target: keywords, interests, placements, etc.

After 2-4 weeks, when there is some kind of story, you can combine the most effective ones.

  • Prevent ads from showing on sites with aggressive themes for GDN campaigns.
  • Create and maintain a list of sites where you block ads.
  • If you're bidding high on GDN ad campaigns, disable ads at the bottom of the page right away.
  • Use as many ad formats as possible. Don't limit yourself to the 2-3 most popular formats.

Launching Dynamic Search Ads (DPO)

Динамические объявления Mediaplan DPO

Here, the calculation is not easy to do, since the rates for individual requests are not taken into account. But, since the forecast needs to be made, the average cost per click is usually put down by about 30% less than the cost of search advertising by keywords. The volumes of keys in DPO are so large that forecasts, as a rule, come true.

DPO versus search

DPOs have several distinct properties:

  • With these ads, you can cover rare queries that usually do not work in search.
  • DPOs drive a lot of traffic to the site.
  • The cost per click is usually lower than the cost of regular search advertising.
  • Ease of setup and launch.
  • This is a great solution for sites with a lot of content.

And here is a fly in the ointment:

  • The relevance of traffic from DPO is relative. The quality is inferior to the usual search. The problem is partially solved by optimizing the content, but it is not certain that the problem will be solved.
  • Such ads do not work well with one-page sites or site pages where you need to drive traffic forcibly.

URL targeting is better than the rest

Based on experience, we can say that the best results were achieved with URL targeting. Moreover, the result was better both in terms of traffic relevance and the number of conversions. Other types of targeting show a sharp contrast, and there are no normal results.

DPO Analysis with AdWords

DPOs are perfectly analyzed in the AdWords interface. Analytics provides scant information in this direction. Detailed information in AdWords can be obtained by going to "Keywords", then to "Automatic Targets". You can even find out under which heading the ad worked.


It is important to understand here that when working with DPO, the traffic will not be as relevant as with regular advertisements. Accordingly, it is not worth making high stakes. Believe that even with small rates, you will receive enough traffic to complete your advertising tasks.

5 tips for those planning to run Adwords video campaigns

Before launching a video campaign, think carefully about what result you expect. If you need conversions, then a video campaign is not the best solution. This method of advertising is suitable for telling about the brand, so to speak, to reach the audience. You can just test, "test the ground." In any case, when launching a video campaign, you need to be prepared for any turn of events.

  1. Understand the difference between nDisplay and InStream campaigns, and InSearch within an InDisplay campaign - the cost difference is significant. By separating campaigns, settings and budget management becomes more flexible.
  2. Understand the difference between GDN and YouTube impressions. Often the quality of resources on the GDN does not suit advertisers. This is due, often, to the wrapping of views.
  3. Don't forget to set the frequency of impressions. Treat your potential users with understanding — set the frequency of showing the pre-roll. Limit the frequency to no more than 2 times a week per unique user.
  4. Set the target not by interests, but by placements. Just trust our experience and you will be surprised when you see in the report that the placement rate will be higher than the interest rate. Even despite the fact that the percentage of inspections is usually higher for interests.

Taking a closer look at the report, it becomes clear that the reason for the high viewing rates of the video is that these are views, most likely, of children whose parents have included the video on YouTube. And now it becomes clear that, of course, young viewers did not miss the advertisement, they watched it “from and to”.

  1. Use an overlay in your video campaign that includes a call to action. This way you can increase the likelihood of transitions. The overlay will also be visible when watching a video on the channel.

And 5 more tips for launching an advertising campaign for the mobile version

Реклама Youtube Let's make a reservation right away that AdWords often gives the lowest cost per click .

  1. Do not be lazy and test the application that you are going to advertise for certain devices. If it works poorly, then, accordingly, there is no point in targeting them.
  2. It’s best not only to segment ads by keywords, but also to create ads for related applications, interests, etc. Track each category and turn off the least effective ones over time.
  3. We do the same with banners and ads. Calls, images, button colors - over time, only the most effective ones should remain. Each time think over how the user will react to this or that advertisement, what emotions he will experience, how he will comment.
  4. Consider tailoring your ad based on the type of audience. Probably, it is not worth reminding that women and men differ in the perception of this or that information. By adapting the video for women and men separately, you can increase the effectiveness of showing the video by 30
  5. Filter topics and sites, exclude inappropriate ones. What is suitable for showing to gamers is not suitable for housewives. This will help you improve the quality of your audience.

Thanks to everyone who stayed with us until the end of the article. Very soon you will see the second part, where you can read about the launch of the RK in Yandex.Direct, remarketing in Google search, regular Display Network remarketing. And, of course, we will tell you how to analyze all this in Analytics.

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