Corporate website design trends

Тренды дизайна корпоративных сайтов

A company website does not have to be a serious, ascetic and canonically boring resource. To deprive him of trendy web design novelties is blasphemous and inexcusable. A company on the Internet should be represented by a memorable, unique and convenient resource. Today we will talk about the latest trends in the development of corporate websites.

1. Unique typography

A recognizable font is especially important for online publications, but for any corporate site, author's typography will not be superfluous. In recent years, the number of fonts available for use on the web has increased significantly. Unique, well-chosen typography forms a single whole with the corporate identity of the company. Confirmation of the thesis - site .

Уникальная типографика

2. Flat design

Flat design is not just a trend, but a separate, fashionable and widespread direction in the world of web design for a long time. In Ukraine, however, it is rarely used for corporate websites, but in vain. Flat does not mean simple and frivolous. Websites with flat design can be high-status and memorable, they are easy to use, and the role of the first violin on such resources is given to content, it is the main focus. An example of a beautiful, user-friendly and functional website with a flat design: .

Flat -дизайн

3. Hover effects

Specific effects that work when you hover over certain elements of the site add bonuses to the resource in terms of performance and usability. The site will help you understand the principle of their action.


4. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a very unusual phenomenon for domestic resources, but abroad it has long been accustomed to, cultivated and most often used just for corporate sites. Navigation elements remain in one place while scrolling, by clicking on one of the links, you can move to a specific section or quickly scroll through the entire content of the resource. An example of interactive, convenient and fast navigation is demonstrated by the site .

Parallax Scrolling

5. Non-standard geometry

Unusual design solutions will make the site recognizable and memorable. Judge for yourself - the use of non-standard geometry on the site .

Нестандартная геометрия

6. Large background images

In fact, any media content attracts users, people look at pictures with great interest, especially large, bright, with many details. Visitors to the site stay much longer, and this has a positive effect on the ranking of the resource by search engines.

Large cards on section pages are especially good when they are directly related to the company, for example, they show the products or services provided. Without high-quality, professional photos in high resolution, it will not be possible to achieve the effect that the site produces .

Крупные фоновые изображения

7. Video

What could be better than pictures? Video only! Videos that tell about the company's activities and detailed product reviews not only attract attention, but also increase the confidence of potential customers in the brand as a whole. We recommend that future owners of corporate websites take care of the video in advance and prepare videos for presenting their company on the Internet. This kind of content is highly valued by both people and search robots. In the design of company websites, one can also trace the trend towards an increase in the popularity of video backgrounds. Videophone resources can be truly mesmerizing .


8. Responsive design

It's no secret that mobile traffic to websites is growing exponentially. Responsive design is vital for adequate display of the resource on the screens of various devices. Adaptive layout for all possible gadgets will soon become the rule of site building. The ideal quality of displaying the resource on any device will provide additional traffic to the site, and visitors will be able to get the necessary information much faster. Explore the site using your tablet or smartphone and you will see that we are right ;)

Адаптивный дизайн

Company website development

A corporate website should reflect the scope of the company, its core values, achievements and benefits, match the corporate identity, so its design is thought out to the smallest detail. To achieve an optimal result, close cooperation between the studio and the customer is necessary. If you have suitable photo and video materials, you can realize any whim of the future site owner, provide the resource with trendy features, and create a full-fledged, vivid and memorable image of the company on the Internet.

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