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Textures, patterns, gradients - all this is necessary for the designer, like spices for the cook. You can use ready-made "spices", or you can try to embody your ideas yourself with the help of the online resource "Colorlovers" , which allows you to create textures and much more.

We go to the site, register (otherwise you will not be able to save your pattern), look around and get down to business. Select the "Create" item in the main menu, the "Pattern" item in the drop-down menu and see the following page:

create a pattern

Here we can select the style of our pattern from the dropdown list or use the search, I chose the style "Camo" and the first of the presented black and white patterns, then its prairie is shown and below it there are 5 squares of shades of gray. We boldly click on any of them and see the following:

patterns for photoshop

In this picture, I have chosen all 5 colors, signed it, you can also add a description, tags, etc., but the main thing is to click on the "Create pattern" button, that's all, your first pattern is ready, it remains only to save it in the one you need size, this can be done by clicking on the link that is highlighted with an arrow in the screenshot below:

how to create a pattern

There you can choose the size you need. That's all, we get such a pattern and we are glad that the number of online services for designers and just amateurs is growing!


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