Creating color schemes

Scheme color

We all know that color is important in web design. Sites are different and, of course, the choice of color depends on the theme of the site. If we need to surprise and interest the user, we can safely experiment with different color combinations, offer large forms, or vice versa pave the space with an abundance of small forms that will be interesting to consider.

Of course, if we are making a news portal, then we are unlikely to fill the background with bright green, let alone think about the eyes of our users, who should linger and read our news.

To help novice web designers (I say hello to our intern, I believe that she will succeed! Masha go ahead!), And in general, designers who have problems with color schemes, I present the resource - Color scheme designer

Color scheme

This resource will help you create color schemes in different modes: mono, complementary, triad, and more. (See the icons below the site name). Also, under the color wheel and the presented scheme, you can click on the tabs, I think you will easily understand this site and it will benefit you.

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