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With the development of information technology, when the key to a company's success is its high-quality and popular website, the professional creation and optimization of websites for search engines becomes an important point. Properly implemented site optimization for Yandex, Google or other search resources allows you to achieve great results at low cost.

The creation and optimization of sites are natural and mandatory stages of work aimed at further promotion (promotion) of the site on the Internet. That is, in order to promote a website, you must first optimize it - make it attractive to search engines and users. This is a change in the web pages of the site in order to increase its ranking in search engines, namely:

Internal optimization : optimization of design, structure, HTML code, texts, adjustment of meta tags "title", "keywords", "description" in accordance with the keywords promoted to this page.

External optimization - work on the website "from the outside": working with catalogs and ratings, registering the site in search engines, creating and placing links to the site being promoted on other sites of similar subjects, writing promotional articles, press releases and placing them on specialized resources .

Website promotion in search engines, like the promotion of almost any business, is a long process. In order to get into the Top 10, it takes up to 2-3 months - the timing largely depends on the level of competition in a particular field of activity, the number of key queries and many other factors. For serious requests, this period can be up to 6 months or more, but the goal will justify the funds invested in this service.

Website promotion is that element of complex work on a resource that aims to increase its traffic, improve visibility in search engines and attract the target audience. At the same time, there is no standard website optimization strategy; in each case, this is an individual approach to work.

It should be noted that the optimization and promotion of the site in search engines has many advantages over traditional advertising:
- orientation to the target audience;
- the number of new customers is increasing daily;
- relatively inexpensive cost of website promotion services in search engines;
- the effectiveness of the funds spent on the implementation of website promotion in search engines.

Creation, optimization of sites. Results support

After promoting the site and bringing it to the leading positions in search results, it is important not to stop working to support the achieved results. Otherwise, the position of the site in the search results will gradually deteriorate due to the activities of your competitors in the field of promotion of their websites, as well as changes in the algorithms of search engines.

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