Creation of a turnkey website - creation and promotion of a website


A turnkey website ("All Inclusive") is an integrated approach to creating a website. In other words, a turnkey website is a fully finished product in working condition. By choosing the service " Create a site on a turnkey basis ", you will not be bothered by unnecessary problems regarding the stages of development and promotion of the future site.

Since all work with your site will be carried out in one company, you can save your time. It is also worth noting that the total cost of a turnkey site is much lower than that which will be when working with the resource separately and in different companies.

Such a site is developed using the whole complex of works to create a site:

- writing technical specifications;
- design development;
— programming;
- layout;
- installation of a content management system;
- writing texts and subsequent filling of the site with them;
– registration of a domain name and placement of a site on a hosting;
— promotion of the site, optimization for search queries;
- site maintenance.

If you decide to order a website, then by choosing the " Turnkey Website " service, you do not have to independently study the features of developing the site and solve any other tasks related to its operation and maintenance. It is advisable to entrust the complex work on the site to professionals, who will carry out absolutely all the necessary measures for its creation and further promotion and maintenance.

Creating a turnkey website is a significant saving of your time, and a turnkey website developed by professionals will help you expand your business, increase sales, strengthen your image among customers and partners. If you are focused on results, a turnkey website solution is what you need!

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