Creation, promotion and optimization of sites


Creating a website is just the first step to growing your online business. It is necessary not only to create , but also to promote and optimize sites .

Website promotion using contextual and banner advertising allows you to quickly express yourself and take a leading position among competitors. Optimizing and promoting a website in search engines is one of the most productive ways to increase sales of a company's goods or services. It is not enough to create a website and place it on the Internet, you also need to make it popular. Promotion and search engine optimization of sites, which is carried out without proper professionalism and appropriate qualifications, becomes an almost impossible task with a waste of time and money.

That is why the creation, promotion and optimization of sites must be entrusted to a professional studio with a positive experience in creating integrated Internet solutions. Search engine optimization of sites makes it possible to promote the site for certain keywords and phrases in the most popular search engines such as Yandex and Google. Key queries must necessarily correspond to the subject of the promoted resource.

How does it look in our example?

We are developing websites and, of course, there are people who are interested in ordering this service in Kharkov. Users enter the search engine and enter the phrase " website development Kharkiv " or " website development in Kharkiv " in the search bar


Thus, after a complex of work done to promote our site in the search engine, it took the first position in the search engine results for the key query.

In general, the creation , as well as the promotion and optimization of sites in search engines, is the most effective way to get a ready-made audience with established needs. Continuous promotion of the site, its support is of great importance, otherwise the site's rankings in search engines may fall.

Website optimization can be conditionally divided into:
- optimization for search engines;
- website optimization for visitors.

Search engine optimization is:

  • competent selection of keywords and phrases for effective website promotion;
  • calculation of the number of occurrences of keywords and phrases in the texts on the site;
  • optimization of texts taking into account occurrences of key phrases;
  • correct distribution of the internal link base;
  • building the correct resource structure;
  • valid layout, including the correct filling of the content of meta tags.

Optimization for people is:

  • correct display of the resource in different browsers;
  • convenience and ease of navigation;
  • competent organization of the interactive elements of the site;
  • placement of thematic, relevant and interesting information for users;
  • timely updating of information on the site.

Of course, optimizing a site for search engines and optimizing for people in the complex allow you to achieve the greatest efficiency from the site.

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