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logo Each organization, company or brand must be unique. Corporate identity defines the advertising strategy of the brand, being a successful method of combating competition. A unified style solution increases product recognition and improves the brand image in the market.

Let's take an example from the personal experience of our company.

Our studio is developing the website of the company "Varna" - the leader in the production and sale of pumping equipment in Ukraine.

From the first meeting, we understood each other, the customer provided us with a wide variety of materials, in large quantities and of good quality. Therefore, already the first layout of the site hit the mark, and then we worked together on the complex structure of internal pages. And now, when we almost finished the design…

The customer came to our office and handed over several presentation sets to Varna. Delicious mini-chocolate bars in a box, each individually wrapped with pump prints from three major brands. An amazing puzzle with Poseidon in the original cylindrical packaging and ballpoint pens, which (as always in the studio) disperse at the speed of sound.

Креативная презентация компанииКреативная презентация компании

We express our sincere admiration and respect for the author of the Varna corporate identity. Such a thorough approach to the visualization of the brand indicates the decency and stability of the company, thoroughness in details.

An integrated approach to identity will create an effective tool in the formation and promotion of a brand that inspires sympathy and trust, the comprehensive development of a trademark. The logo, corporate color scheme, slogan and merchandise will present the company in a favorable light, and the company's reflection on the Internet in the form of a website will receive a clearly defined style and unique design .

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