Creative website design: who needs it?

It would be correct to first define creative design , so let's use the Internet encyclopedia. By entering the word creative design into a Wikipedia search, the creative director was the first in the list of results. So, "Creative director is a position that is most often found in advertising, mass media, the entertainment industry, as well as in other organizations where the creative aspect plays a significant role", based on this, "creative" is simply a synonym for "creative".

Now, since creativity is creative, it is also innovation, new ideas, a new look at something, and in the case of websites - at their design, functionality, structure. It so happened that the Internet (this article discusses Runet and Ukrnet) over the years of its existence and development has been filled with such a huge number of absolutely inconvenient sites that do not fulfill their function, sites with a missing design, etc., which, in my opinion due to two factors:

1. The property of the Slavic mentality to independently understand everything that is functioning. Soviet examples: disassemble and assemble a radio, repair a refrigerator, TV, Zhiguli on your own. Web example: read what stages the creation of the site consists of, order the design of the site to one freelancer, the engine to the second freelancer, the promotion of the site to the third freelancer, and then be surprised that the site does not work as it should - for example, people come to the site, but do not fulfill the target actions, such as registration, adding to cart.

2. Property of the Slavic mentality to buy cheaper. But, at the same time, many people forget the folk wisdom "cheap cheese only happens in a mousetrap", "the miser pays twice", and in the web industry: by ordering a cheap site, the client risks being dissatisfied: the creation of the site can drag on for years, the site design will turn out to be disgusting to the user , the site control panel will turn out to be inconvenient, not to mention a large number of related glitches, such as broken forms, buttons, etc.

But, it’s good that there are still a sufficient number of web studios that perform the full cycle of work on creating a site at a decent level, thanks to which there are good examples on the Internet when the site performs its function, is convenient, has a nice design, etc. P. This is certainly good, but for some sites this is not enough. In some cases, the design needs to be creative. Perhaps it is worth designating for whom the creative design of the site is most relevant.

Creative website design is necessary for selected, the best firms in their field of activity, companies that consider themselves better than others.

And, thanks to the elite, there are a lot of creative sites in ukrnet, site designs that do not look like the gray majority with a "header (upper block of the page), menu, content, footer (lower block of the page)".
Of course, creative design should be justified and there is no need to argue with the habits of Internet users either, but if the customer really wants to get a creative design, then he can completely trust the professional WebAkula web studio .

Anna Dolgareva

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