Customer Match - new from Google: now the most valuable customers are even closer



Google has announced the launch of a new tool called Customer Match. The bottom line is that it will allow advertisers to show their ad units to existing customers. Advertising will be selected based on a list of e-mail newsletters.

This product will enable advertisers to get as close as possible to their most valuable customers. By uploading a list of addresses for mailing, the company will have access to subscribers who are logged into Gmail, Google, YouTube. Moreover, according to the developers, confidentiality will be fully respected. The addresses in the list are used only for matching against Google IDs and for checking policy compliance. They are not transferred to third parties and are deleted 7 days after the work with them is finished.

How it works?

For example, a user entered his email when ordering a certain service, now this email can be added to the Customer Match database and relevant ads can be shown to this particular user.

  1. The retailer creates a list of email addresses provided by customers.
  2. Launches a Search Network Only campaign targeting this list.
  3. The customer sees the retailer's ad on Google Search if they are logged into their Google account.

This innovation will also help in creating a general portrait of the target audience with its interests and passions.

How to create a customer email list

But in order for Customer Match to work, you must first set it up. Therefore, below we provide detailed instructions for creating a list of email addresses.

  • Let's go to the Shared Library section.
  • Select the Audience item.
  • Click + New Remarketing List and select "Customer Emails" from the menu that appears.


  • Specify the name of the new category
  • Next, you need to "Add customer email addresses" .
  • Specify the page on which the user will be able to unsubscribe or change mailing settings
  • Next, you need to specify the data storage period.
  • Click Download and save list . The download may be long, but its progress can be tracked in the "Audiences" section.
  • And finally, we add the campaign to the list we need to display.

Having done all this hard way, you will be able to use the latest marketing tool from Google - Customer Match

customer match

We are grateful to Google for the constant and rather rapid increase in advertising tools. Recall that at the beginning of this year (February 2015), Google began testing app ads on Google Play. And already in the spring, in May 2015, it announced universal campaigns for Android applications, or rather, for their search promotion on YouTube, Google Play and other brand services.

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