Design studio for creating websites: how not to make a mistake in choosing


Before contacting a design studio to create a website and related services, determine the two most important things for yourself. First: purpose . What tasks should the site perform and what its presence will give specifically to you or your organization. Second: funds . What exactly should the site be? What should it contain, and what is categorically unacceptable in it.

Dedicate a day or two to familiarize yourself with the sites of competitors and partners, to study foreign resources on your subject, compare traffic, and then you will surely find examples of sites that best meet your wishes. They will help to formulate your own requirements for the future resource, in particular, for its appearance, functionality, text and graphic content, and navigation. Indeed, for the customer, the most important thing is that the performer clearly imagines what tasks and how the future resource should solve.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a design studio to create a website?

1. Personal website of the studio.
The website of a web studio is a business card, the face of the studio. As a rule, a professional studio pays special attention to the quality of its site, because it is by its appearance and functionality that users evaluate the level of qualification of the studio itself. Pay attention to the design of the site, and do not trust the work of performers who have not made efforts to advertise and promote their own resource. Users like a site if it contains relevant and necessary information along with a thoughtful design and easy navigation.

2. Web studio portfolio.
The quality of the studio's work is much more important than the quantity of work performed. If the studio presents serious, large projects in its portfolio, this indicates that this organization is trusted by customers. The more works from the portfolio of the web studio you liked, the more likely you are to get a site that will fully meet all your requirements and ideas about it.

3. Contacts and coordinates of the design studio.
Every serious web design studio has its own office. In addition, a professional studio, as a rule, provides services not only for creating websites, but also for supporting and promoting a resource on the Internet. The presence of feedback from web design studio specialists by phone, e-mail also has a beneficial effect on the choice of the studio.

4. Value for money
If a design studio offers to create a website for little money, ask about the reasons for such an insignificant cost. Do not chase low prices, it may be an incompetent or unscrupulous company. Remember - quality work cannot be cheap.

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