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There is a growing number of online services for image processing, sketching, creating patterns, which, of course, make the life of a designer easier. This happens thanks to new technologies, and simply because it is necessary to automate some processes, well, no forces are enough, each time adding a browser frame to put the site in the portfolio. Here, just about how easy it is to place site thumbnails in the browser frame in a few clicks, I want to tell you.

Everything is easy! We go here: , click on the button "Choose your web site image" , select the required file, upload it to the site:

Браузер для сайта

Next, select the browser carpet:

тип браузера

You can also choose the size of the browser window, it is better, of course, to initially prepare an image of the required size and select "Original image size" . Fill in the fields "Address bar URL" (website address bar, domain name) and the window title - "Window title" . You can also add a shadow and a status bar (checkboxes). We check if everything was written correctly and click on the "Create a covered preview" button - hooray, finish! We get this result:

обложка для сайта

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