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We are engaged in the development, creation, promotion of sites , the development of a logo and corporate identity. We provide assistance in the maintenance and support of Internet sites.

Development of design of business cards, leaflets, booklets, calendars, in a word - design of polygraphy, this is another direction of our activity. With the help of printing design, you can easily distinguish your company from competitors, solve the problem of recognition and create a unique image for consumers.

Creating a site will not bring results if it is not visited by users. That is why attracting the target audience, promoting the site is the main task that is implemented after its creation and placement on the Internet. Development, creation , and after - website promotion will allow you to attract potential customers to your resource in a relatively short time, i.e. make the site work.

Website promotion is primarily:

- definition of keywords and phrases for site promotion. Key queries are determined based on the analysis of competitor websites and search engine query statistics;
- determination of the site pages that are most suitable for the selected key phrases. Creation of the necessary sections, filling with seo-optimized texts;
– adjusting the titles of the site pages, placing internal links on these pages depending on the selected keywords;
– registration in directories, search engines, exchange of links with other resources as needed.

In other words, the development and promotion of a corporate website on the Internet is a search for new customers, i.e. the ability to receive a daily flow of the target audience to the site.

Development, creation , and most importantly - website promotion in search engines is the most effective way of advertising on the Internet. It is known that a user who visits your resource from a search engine brings about 5 times more sales than a user who enters a website using a banner or following a link from some other site.

There are quite a few opportunities for the development, promotion (promotion) of the site, but only a professional web studio can guarantee you an individual approach and qualified help from professionals.

The Webakula studio team can help you solve your tasks. Our resources allow us to provide a full range of services related to the existence of your company on the Internet. And our experience and professionalism guarantee the high quality of services.

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