Educational apps for designers

Educational apps for designers

Every designer has a responsibility to manage their time wisely and make the most of it. But you should not forget about rest either - alternate work with pleasant entertainment, from which you can also benefit.

We want to share interesting and educational services that will be great for entertaining web developers, as well as useful in improving their pixel skills and helping to develop new ones.

  1. Kern Type
  2. This game will allow you to find out how well you are familiar with kerning and try it in practice. Move the letters in the word depending on their shape to get the most harmonious combination.

    Kern Type Go to game

  3. shape type
  4. In this game, you need to correct the shape of the letter of the given font to the correct representation. With this game you will be able to gain knowledge about the structure of letters.

    Shape type Go to game

  5. color
  6. This is a fun color game. Here you need to determine the specified color for the specified time and select it from the palette.

    Color Go to game

  7. Font Game
  8. In order to play this game, you need to know many fonts and, of course, to distinguish them from each other.

    Font Game Go to game

  9. Kill Comic Sans
  10. Many designers and web developers don't like Comic Sans to say the least. In this game, you can throw out your anger towards this font.

    Kill Comic Sans Go to game

  11. Fun Typography Game
  12. This game also requires knowledge of various fonts. The essence of the game is that you are called fonts and you must shoot at the correct one.

    Fun Typography Game Go to game

  13. What is the hex?
  14. In this game, you must determine the color from a given hex value.

    What the Hex? Go to game

  15. neon flames
  16. This is an unusual service for drawing the breathtaking beauty of neon swirls. The application was developed by Jonas Wagner from Zurich to simulate the starry sky and generate clusters. If you love different space things, then you will definitely appreciate the Neon Flames website.

    Neon Flames Go to game

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