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What is an effective website ? An effective website is not just a beautiful appearance. A truly effective website is one that clearly conveys your target information to your customers and helps to achieve the company's strategic plans.

In order for the development of the site to be effective and the resulting site to be effective, several steps must be followed:
  • set the goal / goals of creating a site ;
  • collect the questions you want to answer on the site;
  • group the received questions according to various criteria and think over in which sections of the site the answers to the questions will be contained;
  • think over the number, hierarchy of sections of the site, site navigation;
  • remember - the more information is contained on the site and the easier it is to find it, the less the burden on the company's employees, whose task is to answer customer questions by phone ;
  • check if the contacts presented on the site are available;
  • constantly update the information on your website;
  • effective site - a site that loads quickly;
  • there are NO pages on an effective site that are "under construction";
  • keep statistics of visits - know your audience: who and where comes to your site;
  • there are NO errors on an effective site;
  • The order form should be simple and clear.
  • Set the goal(s) of creating the site

    • What is the main purpose of your site?
    • Do you want to sell goods and services over the Internet?
    • Do you want to find new clients?

    Think about what exactly you want to achieve with your website, and then find a way to achieve the website's goal. Review your business plan to make sure that your efforts to build your own website really align with your company's strategy and image.

    Constantly update information on your website

    It is very important to encourage repeat visits to your site by constantly updating the information on it. To do this, the site must be interesting to the target audience, the site must have a highlight.
    Update your site regularly:
    • update website design
    • information about the goods and services you provide, company news,
    • articles on issues of interest to your customers,
    • include a "what's new" section on your site that will make new information easily accessible.

    An efficient website is a website that loads quickly

    Internet users are known for their impatience. If your site design is bulky enough and loads too slowly, the visitor will most likely want to leave it. This primarily applies to sites created with Flash. If you are the owner of a Flash site, be sure to take care of creating an html version of the site. So you can satisfy both lovers of beautiful graphics and impatient visitors. Let the site visitor choose which version he wants to view - html or Flash.

    An effective site has NO pages that are "in development"

    If some information is not ready to be displayed on your site, do not post it marked "in development". Visitors who have spent a certain amount of time uploading a picture with such an inscription will be doubly disappointed, they will be annoyed. Treat your site like a normal marketing product. If you want to highlight new information under a new title, use the "coming soon" icon.

    Keep statistics of site visits (know your audience)

    Whether you're selling CDs or copiers or dentures for the elderly, the design and content of your site should be pleasing and easy to read for the people your site is intended for. Remember, a website is a form of advertising campaign, open or hidden, and it is a reflection of your company's image on the Internet.

    There are NO errors on an effective website

    If something on your site doesn't work very well, don't include it on the site. DO NOT turn your visitors into site testers - this is not solid!
    • Don't allow links that lead nowhere or give an error message - this annoys users.
    • Avoid grammatical errors in site texts - everyone knows that you can correct a grammatical error on a site in a few seconds, and its presence expresses disrespect for site visitors.
    • Site texts should be readable and optimized for screen reading.
    • The contacts presented on the site must be accessible.

    The order form should be simple and clear

    If you are selling a product, make it easy for the customer to place an order on your site. Product pictures and price lists for the products offered should be clearly displayed and have all the necessary options. Allow customers to order goods directly on your site, but do not forget about alternative ways to order a product or service, for example, by phone or fax, indicated on the site.

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