Effective social media ads: the subtleties of running short-term advertising campaigns


Social Media Announcement In this article, I would like to talk about how to most effectively launch an advertising campaign (hereinafter referred to as AC) for short-term promotions in social networks. So, let's begin.

All sorts of short-term promotions for the user are not new, especially lately social networks have been full of them: "hot trips", "weekend promotions", "sales" and other wow-offers designed for a short period of validity. Why social networks?

It's simple - this is an ideal platform for maximum audience coverage and targeted traffic. The audience can be targeted in detail so that ads are shown to the most relevant audience.

At the same time, you can view detailed statistics and use remarketing. Among other things, it is possible to use your customer base.

The specialist setting up the RC in social networks, in this case, should be like an Olympic champion in competitions: turn on all your professionalism and act clearly, respond quickly, squeeze out the result to the maximum. Plus, we must not forget that difficulties may arise during the action, especially when it comes to parting with a large amount. People decide on such a purchase longer than usual.

What you need to remember when setting up RK in social networks

Social Media Announcement


Everything should be clear and understandable here: the picture is colorful, informative and does not merge with the background. Do not forget to specify the price, discount and terms of the promotion. The benefits are best shown in close-up.

So you can invest in a minimal ad format with the most clear and understandable information for the user.


Of course, there will be no place to describe in detail all the advantages of a product (service). Therefore, you need to invest in a couple of short sentences. The key message should be in the first 4-5 words. Next - a call to action: "have time to buy", "order now", etc. A good question-and-answer approach.

The question just doesn't work. It has been proven in practice that such ads receive more bounces.

And yet, do not duplicate information about the discount and cost when going to the ad. Better give more information about your offer.

Ad Format

There is no single pattern. Each site has its own format and features. But, the placement is usually the sidebars on the left or right, or in the news feed.

Social Media Announcement

Facebook Ads

Advertising on this social network has a carousel format. Provides for loading from 3 to 5 ads with the ability to use UTM tags for each banner, which will simplify the optimization of the AC in the future. This can be compared to a mini-market where you can offer either related products or similar ones. You will need to fit in 200 characters.

Advertising on VKontakte

On July 1, VK rolled out a new ad format. Prior to that, it was tested in closed access. Until recently, an ad post could only be shown to a unique user once. Now up to 5 times. First, the payment was charged for the impression, now for the click. By the number of symbols, VKontakte advertising does not limit in any way, but as an additional bonus from the resource - the ability to insert a link to the site. This makes it possible to present information about the offer in a more detailed way than just in the left sidebar.

Soon this submission format will be available in the mobile version and in the application.

Important! It is necessary to take care of the most detailed breakdown of the campaign. This is done so that in case the RC does not “shoot” from the very beginning, to react in time and turn it off.


The thing is necessary, working, and should be on the note of every marketer. Collect databases, use them for remarketing, show ads to those who are already interested in your offer. But, here you need to take into account that you should not offer, for example, a loan to someone who has already taken it. Or, if the visitor has become your buyer, then it is quite possible that he will be interested in related products to the purchased or additional equipment.

And finally

Advertising is done so that it brings traffic. Ads should not be idle due to a too small target audience or a small bid. Only after the ad has done its job, a decision is made to turn it off or optimize it for further work.

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