Eight Reasons to Launch a Newsletter

Eight Reasons to Launch a Newsletter

How often do you write letters? Of course, we are not talking about paper versions, but about electronic mailing lists. We can say that e-mail marketing is in trend today, and if you still do not write anything to your clients, then you should start. But why? What reasons to use for writing to leave a pleasant "aftertaste" from communication and get another interested client in your piggy bank who will be looking forward to your messages? There are several reasons for marketing emails. All of them are popular and proven. Let's talk about them.

Inform and communicate

Inform and communicate

The more information the client receives, the closer he becomes to you. It is only important not to overdo it with the quantity and get rid of the dry official tone. What can you tell your customers in such letters? Tell them about:

  • new content. Such mailings announce a new book, film, software product, seasonal collection of accessories;
  • An updated product or changes in functionality. Untitled-1 If new features/courses/products become available to users, then they simply have to know about it. But if there are several reasons, then the letter should still be one: the user himself will choose from the headings and links what he is interested in;
  • News and changes in your company. Newsletter must have a beautiful design. Therefore, think over all the headlines and select suitable pictures, because you need to attract attention;
  • Upcoming events. How else to invite people to a forum or meeting, if not with the help of a letter? Mailing invitations must be useful - for example, contain an event plan, a map, and so on;
  • Internal updates. Your employees will also be interested in reading about how the company works. Do not forget that these people are also an important audience, and their interests should not be neglected. A new product, a pay raise, an upcoming corporate event—these are all reasons to write. In these mailings, it is not design effects that are important, but information content;
  • New partners for your business. Untitled-2 Such mailings are useful if you are organizing an event with a partner company or, for example, launching a new branded assortment;
  • transactions. Such mailing is launched in response to the actions of the client. Placed an order, bought a ticket, booked a room - and a confirmation comes to the mail. Very comfortably. And the person immediately sees that his order is noticed and accepted. By the way, such letters open better than with general information, because they are individualized.

Welcome letters also open well - they are sent to the client immediately after registration / purchase. Such a mailing will allow you to tell everything about the features of cooperation and interest in profitable promotions. One letter replaces several hours of work of a manager, and you get a loyal client!

But when writing a mailing list, always remember how sensitive people are about their time. Therefore, in the letter itself, everything should be accessible and understandable. If the links are direct, not veiled, if the call to action is bright and noticeable. Also, the mailing list can be supplemented with products for cross- or up-sales, if you can already track the interests of a particular user. And don't forget eye-catching visuals like fonts and graphics.

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