Email Marketing: What to Focus on in 2016


Email-маркетинг 2016

A couple of years ago, emails were viewed solely as spam. Today, it is a popular tool for influencing the user, fueling interest in the company and ensuring loyalty. In addition, effective mailing is inexpensive. You just need to know what will be in trend and follow the main market trends.

Seven trends to watch out for

Тренды Email-маркетинга 2016 A pop-up subscription form is on every page. If you create a pop-up window for a subscription, then the subscriber base will increase 10 times faster. But don't be intrusive - wait until the user himself shows interest in the resource. Such a sign can be text scrolling or staying on the site for more than one minute.

Use a mobile-friendly design. With the help of smartphones, people communicate, find the necessary information and buy. According to statistics, 33% of online purchases are made through mobile gadgets. It is clear that the received letter with the offer of favorable discounts will go to the trash if it cannot be read from the smartphone. The letter should be "mobile" - from the font, which will be well perceived, to the communication button, which will be convenient to click. Heavy files are also excluded.

Personalization. Персонализация рассылки Personal appeal is always effective. But today, marketers will use total personalization – by all indications. So, for young people (under 25 years old) it is better to send letters about discounts. But people over 35 are more likely to respond to free shipping.

A personal letter should also be sent if the user was interested in the product, and then forgot about it. The purchase will also be an occasion - offer the client to supplement his gadget with new accessories or another book on the same topic. Sometimes the interests of the group are also used - in the expectation that they are very similar among members of the same community. Custom content is easy to create by tracking customer locations.

As for the number of letters, it is important to take into account the degree of brand loyalty. If your brand is of great importance in the life of a client, then he will be happy to receive information daily, but if your company is one of many, then you should limit yourself to sending out once every 2-4 weeks. And for brands selling clothes, it is important to choose models that will be associated with customers. If the model 90-60-90 advertises full dresses, there is a dissonance - the client simply cannot imagine how she will look in the same outfit.

Embed interesting content, animation in emails . Pictures grab more attention than text, and animation is more interesting than a static image. GIFs demonstrate the range, entertain, call to action. They are always positive and significantly increase the credibility of the brand.

Use hashtags. Хештеги в рассылке This is essential to ensure comprehensive promotion. With the use of hashtags, promotions are usually associated with gifts and prizes for activity. But keep in mind, this is entertainment for the young.

Choose a card design for your letters. Well-organized structure, orderliness, ease of digestion - all this is ideal for emails that will be opened from smartphones.

And modern e-mail platforms are quite consistent with these trends - they are becoming more understandable, clear, simple. Such that allow the marketer to immediately start working, and not delve into the interface for hours. And this means that we are waiting for a year of good letters - join the trend.

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