End of support for Internet Explorer 6.0


Прекращение поддержки IE 6.0 Microsoft urges users to permanently stop working with the IE 6 browser.

The company sponsored a series of studies conducted by NSS Labs, which found that IE 8 was 85 percent better at protecting users' computers from malware attacks than IE 6. Security is IE 6's weakest point, as many have found after hackers exploiting security holes in IE 6 stole confidential data from Google and several other major companies.

IE 6 has become persona non grata for many major Internet resources. Google Gmail, YouTube, Facebook and Digg have already said they will no longer support IE 6. Facebook felt it was easier to drop support for this old browser and thus force users to upgrade than to spend extra resources refining the site.

Microsoft has been urging users to stop using IE 6 for over a year. Last year, for example, the head of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser division said that "a true friend won't let his friend use IE 6." After that, the number of users of IE 6 really began to decline rapidly, partly due to the transition to Windows 7, which has IE 8 built in. According to Net Applications, IE 6's share of the browser market dropped from 25.3% to 17.6% in the past few months. %.

Why is Internet Explorer so popular?

This is the most popular browser. Why? Is it the most comfortable? Most of those who have ever used other browsers do not think so. Is he the safest? Information IT-agencies are simply teeming with reports of "another hole in IE." This is a fact that even the most stubborn will agree with. So why? Yes, all for the same reason - it is included by default in Windows. Most users simply do not represent an alternative, in their opinion, Internet Explorer is the Internet, there is no need for another.

Why did many webmasters stop supporting sites for Internet Explorer?

Web standards, like everything else, are evolving, and web developers want to keep up with today's web standards, which are supported by all major browsers except Internet Explorer. This will be understood by everyone who has ever done layout and knows what "cross-browser compatibility" means. Code written according to web standards usually does not work in Intnernet Explorer, and if it is made compatible with Intnernet Explorer, everything breaks and it stops working in normal browsers. In order for the written code to work the same in all browsers (including IE), you need to write a bunch of fixes, hacks and crutches for IE, roughly speaking, write two different codes: for normal browsers, and for Intnernet Explorer. And there are a large number of problems that webmasters face when working with IE, which contribute to the abandonment of this browser.

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