Examples of websites in different styles


Site styles

In this article you will find examples of great sites made in different styles.

Sites with illustrations


Great site with attractive cartoon vector graphics and unusual navigation

Website with beautiful background

The combine

Website with vector illustrations made using the "ScrollTo" method

Website with illustrations

war child

A social site with vector illustrations and textures dedicated to children who live in countries with military operations.

Illustrations on the site

I love spoon

Stunning illustrated flash website with mixed type of illustrations - vector and hand-drawn (Hand-draw)

Nice flash site

Leg work studio

Hand-draw site with an interesting effect when hovering over menu items located at the bottom of the page.

Hand-draw site

Websites in retro style

Walking wall of words

Website in retro style


Website in retro style with interesting typography in the menu

retro site

Henry realestate

Retro site with well-chosen fonts

retro site

Websites in the style of minimalism

Barnt & Arnst

Minimalistic site in pastel colors with a cool guest book

Minimalism in the site


Website in Catalan for a family-owned fruit growing company. Interesting structure and great typography

Website in the style of minimalism

Aboutbey clothing

Online clothing store. Simple and stylish, I highly recommend that our clothing manufacturers think about redesigning their websites.

Minimalism in websites

Sites using background photos and videos

Women's Timberland

What can I say, a cool photo creates an atmosphere on the site

Website with a photo in the background

foreign policy design

It's good when the background photos change and this site has a good menu

Website with cool background

360 langstrasse

Great idea for social sites, travel sites, etc.

Video on the background of the site

show studio

An example of using video in the header on the site, you can’t call it the background, of course, but the effect of viewing the site is wonderful

Videophone on site

Grunge websites


Grunge is suitable for youth clothing sites, musicians, art galleries and web studios.



Excellent grunge style.


edge point church

This site has a good color scheme and typography.


Newspaper style websites

The Times

"The Times", Seeeeer ... What else can I say. Newspaper style is great for sites with huge and varied content.

times, newspaper time

New Yorker

newspaper, newspaper style website

Gapers block

newspaper style

Websites in the style of web 2.0


web 2.0


web 2.0

fluid theme demo

web 2.0

Finally, I want to note that in modern web design, you can and should experiment, mix styles and prepare new recipes. Look at the world with open eyes, because it is a source of inspiration!

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