Fundamentally new social network Path

The new social network Path is unlike any other, differing in every way possible. In it, you can’t exchange text messages at all, upload music or videos - pictures serve as a means of communication. f8ae1e5c1

So far, the network is only available as an application for the iPhone.

Path is based on several ideas:

1) one person can normally communicate (i.e. live) with no more than about 50 people. Therefore, the number of friends in the network is limited to fifty.

2) encourage visitors to share the best moments of their lives. For example, you are relaxing on the beach, and you know that your friends, and not just acquaintances, expect information from you about the holiday. As a result, a photograph of palm trees and the sea, for example, is laid out in Path, and friends understand that the rest is on the level.

3) completely close the possibility of communication via text in the new network and only allow uploading photos taken with an iPhone.

Among the ideologists of the new project are the creator of the Napster service and former employees of Apple and Facebook.

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