Getting Started with jQuery


This framework is written in Java Script. It was created to facilitate the work with the page. The programmer does not have to write entire sheets of Java Script to work with the page after loading. Instead, just write a few lines of jQuery and get the same result.

But still, the main advantage, I think, is that jquery is the so-called unobtrusive JavaScript. That is, separating the functionality of a web page ("behavior layer") from the structure, content, and presentation of a Web page.

What can be done with jQuery?

  • Update parts of content without reloading the entire page.
  • Search, validation of input fields on the fly. This approach saves time and simplifies filling out forms and searching.
  • A very simple implementation of drag-and-drop technology.
  • Good built-in base of visual effects.
  • Simplified work with creating, modifying and deleting DOM elements.
  • The ability to easily work with object attributes, work with classes.

The possibilities of jQuery are very wide. Due to the huge number of added additions, it is possible to implement almost any functionality on this framework.

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