Good art inspires, good design motivates.


Artists and designers use the same base, but with different goals. Some designers consider themselves artists and some artists consider themselves designers.

The process of creating a work of art starts from scratch, with a blank canvas. It stems from the ideas, opinions or feelings of the artist himself. The goal is to share his feelings with the rest, to let the audience learn from him or be inspired by him.

In contrast, when a designer is about to create something, they almost always have a starting point (message, image, idea, etc.)

The job of a designer is to combine to a specific purpose. The goal is to motivate the audience to do something, to get certain information. The most successful designs are those that effectively communicate the designer's ideas and motivate consumers to complete a task.

A very important distinction: a good piece of art is interpreted, while a good design is immediately understood.

Although the artist expresses his point of view or emotion, this does not mean that the point of view or emotion has the same meaning.

Design is the opposite. Many will say that if the design can be "interpreted" in any way, then the designer has failed in his goals.

A good work of art is interpreted. Good design is understandable.

When a design conveys an idea different from what was originally intended, and your user takes some action based on that idea, then the design has failed. With good design, the user gets the exact ideas of the designer.

A work of art is judged by opinion, and taste governs opinion.

Design is purely a matter of taste, and the difference between good and bad design is largely a matter of taste.

A good work of art is a sign of taste. Good design is an opinion.

The artist most often has natural abilities. The artist grows up drawing, painting, sculpting and developing his abilities.

But his true value lies in the talent (or innate ability) with which he was born. Good artists, of course, have the ability, but artistic skills without talent are useless.

Design is an ability that is taught and learned. You don't have to be a great artist to be a great designer; you just need to learn good design.

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