Google chrome 12 stable release


Google has released the release of the Chrome 12 web browser, available for Linux, MacOS X and Windows platforms. The browser is built on the code base of the free Chromium project and is distinguished by the use of Google logos, the presence of a system for sending notifications in case of a crash, a system for automatically installing updates and passing RLZ parameters when searching.

Key changes in Google chrome 12

  • Support for hardware acceleration when performing 3D transformations via CSS;
  • New mode of protection against downloading malicious files;
  • Ability to clear Flash Cookies using a standard browser interface;
  • Support for launching a web application from the Omnibox address bar by its name;
  • Integration of sync options into new settings pages;
  • Improved support for screen reading systems;
  • End of support for Google Gears technology, which was deprecated in 2009 after Google's decision to use standard HTML5 mechanisms to develop web applications that can work offline.

At the same time, 14 security bug fixes were announced, of which 5 vulnerabilities are marked as dangerous, 6 as moderate and 3 as minor. Among the vulnerabilities, there were no critical problems that would allow bypassing all browser protection levels. Details with a detailed description of the vulnerabilities are available only to registered developers of the Chromium project. As part of the vulnerability bounty program for the current release, Google paid $9,970 to security researchers (one $3,133 bonus, one $2,000 bonus, one $1,337 bonus, 3 $1,000 bonuses, and one $500 bonus).

Download Google chrome 12 here

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