Google has launched a new search feature - "Page Previews"


Google continues to improve the search engine. The new "Page Preview" function allows you to view the page of the site already in the search results, which greatly simplifies the search for the required resource and saves the user's time, since in order to see the site, you no longer need to follow the link to it.

Page preview allows you to quickly analyze the search results, which allows the user to choose the most suitable one from the entire list of sites in the Google search results. Perhaps, each user more than once wanted to find exactly the resource that once interested him in something, but at the same time he did not remember or did not know his address. Looking at images of sites as a result of a search, it will not be difficult to visually remember and find the necessary site, especially if it is a brightly designed, popular resource.

In addition, when the page is previewed, the words of the query are highlighted. Familiarization with the page in preview mode will give the user an idea of how useful the information on the site is for him.

To use the "page preview" function in Google search results, you need to click on the "magnifying glass" icon located near the title of any resource present in the issue. As a result, an image of the selected page will appear in the right part of the screen in a reduced size with the highlighting of the found words.

To date, Google experts are working to ensure that the function is available to users in more than 40 languages. Page preview works with IE 7+, Mozilla FireFox 3+ and Chrome browsers. Work is underway on the compatibility of additional features with the Opera browser.

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