GSP from Google: a new approach to advertising mailings


GSP by Google

Google recently officially introduced a new tool - GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotions). These are promotional emails that will appear in the Promotions tab of your Gmail emails. What it is, why and how it works, we will consider.

What does the ad look like?

Gmail Ads

In appearance, it is no different from a regular email. It's the only one marked "advertising". Having expanded the letter, we see 2 elements: a teaser ad and an ad unit. The latter, when clicked, expands to the size of a regular email.

The ad unit can look like a standard template, ie. image + description. Usually in such emails, the pictures look unattractive, and the descriptions are large. The text of the letter should contain a specific promotion, offer. No wonder they fall into the "Promotions" tab.

You can also use the built-in tools. You can add call - to - action buttons, subscription forms, videos to your ad. The ad will look prettier. In general, no one limits your creative flow here. Create!

Available targetings

  • By "keys". Here data is collected on the words that the owner of the e-mail used in correspondence. That's what technology has come to! Imagine the situation, you are texting someone about buying a car, and voila! You receive an advertisement with an offer to buy a car at a profit.
  • By interests . The system collects information about what sites you visited, what you were interested in. Accordingly, it selects promotional offers for you.
  • By topics . For example, you have a shoe store. Having made certain settings, you can target your advertisements to or mailing list subscribers. Or both.
  • According to demographics .

Remember that Gmail is not a search engine

Not a search engine

People don't go to Gmail to find any information or a particular product. Your task is to interest from the first seconds and present the addressee with a favorable offer for him. And then he, perhaps, will leave the letter in the Inbox, so that later he can return to it again. Or maybe forward your offer to a friend.

It is important here that the payment is not for the number of letters sent, but for the direct opening of the letter. That is, if your offer did not interest the addressee, and he did not open it, the fee will not be charged. This distinguishes the GSP tool from spam emails.

The interface presented by Google was called the friendliest and most effective for users. The tool is really worthy of attention. There are inexpensive clicks and nothing complicated in the campaign settings.

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