Guarantees in SEO - adventurism

webakula-3 It just so happened that client-side SEO means website promotion in search engines , the result of which should be an exit in the TOP-10 for certain keywords. Moreover, now the situation is developing in such a way that each region has its own issue in Yandex and Google .

Of course, being in the top ten is very profitable and the maximum traffic from search engines can only give such a result. Unfortunately ( maybe right? ), optimizers and their promotion actions have absolutely no effect on the algorithms for generating search engine snippets.

Those. we understand that the page of the client site must be relevant to the request for which it is being promoted. We know that the number and quality of incoming links to this page matters a lot. You can guess to analyze the existing TOP-10 for this keyword and just try to repeat the actions of the optimizers of competitive sites as accurately as possible.

But no matter how hard we try, there are no guarantees that this or next month our site will get to the first page of the search! Therefore, promising to bring the client site to the TOP is practically adventurous . Agree that we have no right to predict the actions of search engines that we do not own.

Nevertheless, it has been a tradition for quite a long time to evaluate the work of the optimizer by the fact that the site is in the top ten. However, some reputable and advanced SEOs are already talking about the need to revise this evaluation criterion. And the shift will occur in the direction of guarantees of attendance of the client resource, and not the presence of its link in the TOP of search engines.

This is probably the best option for all parties involved in the site promotion process. Well, the ability to collect high-quality and targeted traffic is a much more useful skill for an optimizer than constantly squeezing out increased budgets for buying links.

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