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Слышать и слушать клиента Every day we face difficulties of understanding in one way or another. It would seem that one person says quite simple and understandable things to another, but suddenly it turns out that the other person misunderstood, thought of something, and the result was completely unexpected. But, if this happens in your personal life, then these are personal problems, but if it comes to business, and people represent the interests of collaborating companies on a project, take website development for example, then this misunderstanding can lead to disaster. Where does misunderstanding come from? How to deal with it? We will deal with this in this article.

Everything is very simple. It's no secret that man differs from animals in consciousness. In our minds, certain images are constantly born that are associated with certain things, with a certain type of human behavior, etc. And, you see, it is difficult to find 2 people who, having looked at the same pencil sketch, presented in their minds the same colored picture.

The same goes for website development . The term "plugin" or "module" from the lips of the client often does not correspond to its real definition. Or that part of the site that the developers call "sidebar" or "block", from the lips of the client can be heard as a "white rectangle". And quite recently, one of our esteemed clients demanded to install a "plugin" on the site for page-by-page viewing of pdf-files, with page enlargement. As a result, it turned out that you just need to submit files in pdf format on the site.

There are several techniques that must be applied in order to understand the client. Such techniques are called "active listening" techniques.

  • Verbatim repetition of the client's words will allow you to focus on the meaning of the phrase, check whether you hear the client correctly.
  • Retelling your partner's words in your own words. Paraphrasing.
  • Interpretation of the client's words.
  • Using the phrase "Did I understand you correctly" to clarify the needs of the client.

Взаимопонимание с клиентом Of course, a lot of experience in the field of website development will allow the manager to distinguish between a "white box" or a "plugin for pdf-files" at an early stage. But, if the fire of conflict is lit, then our advice to you is to stop telephone conversations and meet with the client in person. Nothing removes innuendo and misunderstanding like a finger pointing at a white rectangle.

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