How do landing pages help in online sales?


Как лендинги помогают в интернет-продажах

One-pager, also known as a landing page (from the English “landing page”), it is also a capture page, it is also a salesperson or a landing page. This type of site has much more functions and advantages than the synonyms of the name. 62% of B2B companies using landing pages have, on average, up to 6 one-pagers running at the same time, and 48% of marketers create a new landing page for each advertising campaign. However, flawless landings have their own nuances.

Why are single page websites effective?

A familiar company website necessarily contains several sections: the main page, about the company, a catalog or a page with services, contacts, news, and sometimes much more. The problem may be not so much information scattered across different pages or tritely uninteresting information, but the complex structure of the site. Even a resource with perfectly matched content - motivating texts describing the benefits, interesting videos and bright photos - can be inconvenient and slow. Visitors simply leave such sites without making a purchase. In the case of a properly designed and filled landing page, such a scenario is impossible.

Landing page is the essence of conversion chips and Internet marketing tricks. The one-page site is smartly stuffed with information that unobtrusively leads the visitor to the conversion action, the landing page is concise and easy to use.

The visitor has only two options - either make a purchase / order a service / leave contact details, or not. Hence the high conversion and sales growth.

With the help of the landing page:

  • collect data for subscribing visitors to the newsletter by SMS or e-mail;
  • accept orders for services;
  • sell goods.

Many entrepreneurs build a business exclusively on one-page sites, because this approach is full of undeniable advantages:

  1. short development time.
  2. ease of accounting for a narrow range of goods.
  3. business is not tied to one area.
  4. quick demand check.
  5. the ability to quickly conduct A / B testing.

Landing pages are created for sales here and now and are focused on a user who is looking for a specific product or service.

Full-fledged sites are focused on long-term cooperation with the visitor and regular customers, and therefore they offer to get acquainted with a wide range of products, read company news and blog articles. A one-pager will not replace a classic online store. A landing page is an effective sales tool, but this does not mean that it is universal.

Who benefits from creating a landing page?

Кому особенно выгодно создание landing page

  1. Landing pages are useful for small companies, because they do not require huge costs for creation, they allow them to be flexible and quickly achieve tangible financial results.
  2. Landing pages are especially valued in the information business, where 80% of sales are made using one-pagers. Registration for all kinds of paid trainings, courses, webinars, consulting conferences is very effectively conducted through landing pages.
  3. Thanks to one-page sites, you can economically test a new line of sales. The owner of an online store of related topics can add a novelty to his site and track incoming traffic. If there is no own resource or it is not suitable for these purposes, then landing comes to the rescue. Landing page development will cost much less than creating and setting up a multi-page site, and after a couple of weeks it will become clear whether there is a demand for a new business niche.
  4. One-pagers will bring the maximum profit if they represent only one product or service, although about 48% of landing pages contain several offers. Landing pages will help to sell everything, but it is ideal if the product represents a narrow segment, without a wide branching into subcategories.
  5. The expansion of the subscription base also fits perfectly into the specifics of the landing page. In this case, one-pagers are called capture pages. The collected contact data is actively used in e-mail marketing and SMS mailings for the subsequent conversion of subscribers into customers. For the left e-mail address or mobile phone number, offer the site visitor a tempting discount, an exclusive product, useful information, a gift, or participation in a competition with valuable prizes.

How to turn a landing page into a business tool?

A competent and understandable motivating text and correctly arranged graphic elements of a one-page site will help to focus the user's attention on a specific offer. For example, a high-quality promotional video placed on a one-page page can increase conversion by 86%.

The number of sales directly depends on advertising. Suitable for landing:

  • mailing by e-mail;
  • banners;
  • contextual advertising;
  • leads from social networks.

Choose the most suitable option that will lead the target audience to a freshly created one-page site.

Only by following the tips listed above, you can count on the maximum effectiveness of the landing.

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