How do you get really good websites or an ideal client profile?


The first thing that site customers pay attention to is the portfolio of a web design studio. Portfolios are flipped, the most liked sites are marked in it. Then they come to the studio and say: “We liked the site of company X and the site of company Y, could you combine them, add pictures like on site Z”, etc.

With this approach to business, a good site does not work, and this is not surprising. This fact has a very simple explanation, which is that everyone should do their own thing .

You won’t tell the shoemaker what kind of technology should be used in order to make a heel on the boot.

You will not tell the restaurant chef in what order to put the ingredients on your pizza or how to wrap sushi for you.

A whole team of developers is working on the creation of the site, each of which has special knowledge. These are people who constantly improve their knowledge and skills in website building, exchange experience with colleagues, attend seminars and conferences. These people know how websites are made because they have already made dozens of successful websites. These people met with hundreds of real customer questions and were able to find a solution for each.

Webakula is a successful team that knows how to make websites. And we don't have to be told how to make them!

The ideal client is the one who knows what he wants to get from the site, but does not say how to make the site.

In other words, a quality site can be obtained when the client can correctly explain what he wants to get as a result, and not tactlessly interfere with the site development process. The client should not consider himself right in creating a site, just because he pays money. Money is worth much less than the “soul and blood” of professionals working on a project.

And for the good sites in our portfolio, we are primarily grateful to their owners for the fact that they not only did not interfere with us to bring creative ideas to life, but also made the right decision to trust professionals, and did not try to dictate to us how to make sites.

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