How is the cost of website development formed?


There is no strictly defined cost for website development . The price of the site depends on the type and complexity of the future resource, so at the consulting stage we can only talk about the approximate range of prices. But we can say for sure that our prices for the development of any site are objective and reasonable.

So, how is the cost of website development formed?

1. Design

Webakula studio does not create single-type sites and does not use any templates. We implement for our clients only original, exclusive and practical ideas that allow you to effectively manage your business on the Internet. We develop a website design that becomes a worthy business card of the company, forms the right opinion of potential customers and increases the degree of trust in the company.

2. Type and complexity of the site
A business card site is the simplest and at the same time accessible resource.

The corporate site is more complex - it implements various catalogs of goods and services, software modules that can be changed and added if necessary, it is possible to publish statistical data, reports for clients, and much more.

The online store is being developed with the aim of increasing the number of online sales. The user of the resource should have access to a "basket" in which he can add the selected product. And the online payment system allows you to pay for goods by credit card and other online payment methods.

The Internet portal is the most complex, rich Internet resource with a large number of links and program modules, it includes such interactive services as forums, discussions, news, mail, search, etc. The cost of developing a site of this level corresponds to its complexity and time spent on its implementation.

3. Functionality
The functionality of the site is those features and solutions that are embedded in it and are useful for visitors to the resource. For example, for a business card site, it is enough to organize a logical structure and clear navigation, but search, a basket of goods, selection of goods by parameters, filtering goods by price, placing orders through the site - this is something without which a full-fledged online store cannot exist.

In addition, a good site should have a convenient, easy-to-use and at the same time functional management system that will allow you to update and add any information on the site.

4. Site stability
We guarantee the performance of the site and protection against hacking. If necessary, we make software updates and advise clients on any issues that arise.

5. Complexity of services
Studio Webakula provides a full range of services. With us you can order not only the development of the site, but also its promotion in search engines, online advertising, corporate identity development.

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