How much does it cost to create a website?


Most often from our potential clients we hear the question: " How much does it cost to create a website ?" But few people ask how to create not just a site, but a “live” site that will bring maximum profit, that will work and perform certain tasks. Indeed, in order to obtain the required return on the resource, it is important, first of all, to determine and correctly formulate its purpose, goals and objectives.

If your goal is to order a site as cheaply as possible, then most likely you will receive a “dead” project that will not only bring no benefit, but will not pay back the costs. Creating truly effective websites requires the participation of a whole team of specialists, good work cannot be cheap.

How much it costs to create a website depends on the following criteria:

1. Type of site (business card site, image, corporate, online store, information, news portal, and others).
2. Complexity of design (template, author's design, creative solution).
3. The level of complexity of developing software modules.
4. Availability of resource content management system.
5. Availability of additional functions.
6. The volume of information posted on the site, if the customer himself does not do this.

If we talk about design, depending on what type of site is needed, the cost reflects all its constituent elements. For example, for an online store, the cost of creating a site provides for a comfortable, seasoned design. For fashion - bright design, attractive. But always, before starting the process of developing a site, its cost is determined based on all the requirements of the customer and the tasks that the resource must perform.

In activities such as website development, the cost is calculated both for start-ups with a limited budget and for serious, established companies. For a novice company, as a rule, a budget option at a relatively low price is enough. While a serious company has serious requirements for a future project, therefore, the cost of creating a website is appropriate. At first glance, it may seem that the prices for creating a website are unreasonably high, but all investments will quickly justify themselves with a professional approach to the development and promotion of the site by our experienced specialists.

Despite the objective and favorable prices for the creation of the site, the Webakula studio practices an exclusively individual approach to each client. We create websites for the requirements and goals of each of our customers. We value our clients and their time, offering the most reasonable prices for website development.

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