How SEO has changed over the past year

How SEO has changed over the past year

Our world is constantly improving: more and more modern technologies are emerging, new industries are rapidly developing, the education sector is improving, etc. Progress has not bypassed intellectual technologies, in particular, the field of website promotion. Let's look at the current methods of website promotion in Yandex and Google search engines.

It must be said that search algorithms change regularly, thereby confusing all webmasters who spend a huge amount of time promoting their sites. However, such changes are nothing more than improving and improving the results of the search engine, so optimizers in pursuit of the TOP-10 must conscientiously fulfill all the requirements of search engines.

The evolution of methods for promoting sites in search engines

For several years, assessors took part in the formation of the issue - a staff of specialists who evaluated the search issue in terms of compliance with its search license and usefulness for the user.

Despite the fact that at the present time there are entire software systems that develop special algorithms for issuing results, search engines have not abandoned the human resource, because the intellectual work of a person and a machine is the best tandem that allows you to quickly determine the relevance of sites and develop effective algorithms for issuing .

It is important to note that now the user factor is the most valuable for the search engine, in other words, we can say that the search engine evaluates the frequency, depth and duration of page viewing by visitors. The so-called bounce rate is also taken into account, i.e. situations in which the user viewed only one page, refusing to continue viewing the resource.

That is why it is important to know about ways to keep a client on the pages of your site, the main of which are:

  1. Providing truthful information.
  2. The user visits a particular resource with a specific purpose. And if he went to the page to find information about the repair of a domestic car, then he does not need to talk about foreign cars.

  3. Filling the site with quality content.
  4. When filling the site with content, try to adhere to three basic rules: literacy, content, simplicity. All texts posted on the resource should be as informative, readable and interesting as possible for the end user.

  5. Convenience, or usability, of the site.
  6. First of all, it should be convenient for site visitors to search and study information, otherwise even the highest quality and unique content will not be able to increase the relevance of the resource. Think over everything to the smallest detail, do everything possible so that the visit to the site by the user is not limited to one page, this will certainly contribute to the successful promotion of the resource.

How important is socialization now?

It is necessary to say about the importance of placing buttons of popular social networks on the pages of the site. This will attract a larger number of users, as well as greatly simplify their registration if necessary.

I would like to once again emphasize the importance of the content used. Of course, machines are not people, they are not endowed with emotions and intuition, so it is difficult for them to distinguish between first-class and mediocre text. However, the optimizer can help them with this. The main thing is to fill the site only with unique and competent content, as well as work correctly with key queries: use them in different variations, declensions, cases, while making sure that the text is not spammed. To remain in the lead, the site must live, and for this it is necessary to regularly update the information on the site.

Following all the above rules, you can easily increase the relevance of your resource, provide it with TOP and high attendance.

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