How to attract an audience to a website without SEO?


Как привлечь аудиторию на сайт без SEO

Everyone knows that no one will know about a new web resource without advertising and promotion, but today we will talk about an exception that confirms this rule. Do you want 2,000 visitors to a site registered just a week ago? We will tell you how to achieve this on the example of a real case from our practice.

Opening an online clothing store

Открытие интернет-магазина одежды

Previously, the well-known catalog of goods and services was the main source of our client's online sales. Despite the fact that this resource provides platforms for companies for a fee, it is significantly limited in functionality and advertising opportunities, which entails the corresponding consequences. To start a business on the Internet, such a site may fit, but at a sufficiently high level of development of the “capacity” of the resource, it will no longer be enough. It is quite natural that our client was tired of feeling cramped, and he turned to us to develop his own online clothing store.

The site has been created, filled, the domain has been registered, the client is satisfied and has already posted information about opening his own resource in his representative office on the website. An hour later, the first hundred visitors appeared in the newly created online store, then more.

During the first week of the site's existence, most of the clicks were made through external links. Visitors poured in immediately, because people, as usual, visited the old representative office of our client's company and followed the link posted there to the new site.

Источники переходов за первую неделю существования сайта

The link from the visited, well-known resource was considered authoritative by the search engines, so the new site was very quickly indexed in Google - 2 hours after opening. In other words, users could find our client's resource by simply typing in the name of his company in the search bar. A site not noticed by search engines can be visited in only one way, knowing the exact address of the new resource.

Lightning-fast indexing was ensured by a large influx of visitors who went to the site via a link from a trusted resource. For robots, noteworthy link donor sites are popular forums and news sites. For example, Yandex bots visit them much more often than other search engines. There are even resources whose pages are crawled by robots almost every minute. Therefore, it is not surprising that the site of our client was positively perceived by search engines.

The success achieved already at the start was developed, multiplied and steadily progressing to this day, and after the basic optimization of the site, traffic from search engines increased, which can be seen in the graph below (2013 - 2014)

Данные посещаемости сайта за год

The moral of this fable is the high importance of behavioral factors for search engines that has been proven in practice. We have repeatedly written about this phenomenon and its features, and now we hope that no one has any doubts about its importance.

Key to high conversion

Залог высокой конверсии

Links from authoritative resources are certainly good, but they still do not guarantee transitions. In our case, users willingly followed the link posted on the trust site only because they were well aware of the brand and its ideal reputation.

Even before launching their own online store, our clients have done a tremendous job, for which they were awarded a high conversion rate on the newly created website.

  1. Active advertising promotion of the company offline.
  2. Continuous monitoring of the market and competitors.
  3. Brand awareness campaigns.
  4. Work on the optimal ratio of price and quality of products.
  5. Planned expansion of clothing collections.
  6. Interaction with the consumer, analysis of the preferences of the potential client.

Our client's company became known even before the opening of its own website, thanks to the marketing efforts listed above. For the success of a business, it is necessary to simultaneously work tirelessly on the brand image and the website, transferring the good reputation of the offered product or service from offline to online.

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