How to choose a web studio or criteria for a good performer


Firms that realize that they need to create a site or redesign a site (made ten years ago) face the Kharkiv market of site builders face to face. What selection criteria should be used to distinguish a professional web studio from charlatans? This will be discussed in this article.

So, we publish our tips for choosing a good performer.

  • A professional can be either a full-cycle or part-time web studio. Pay attention to whether the studio's offer includes additional services - not only website development, but also corporate identity, website promotion, etc.
  • A company's portfolio is an indicator of its experience. If there are 2-3 sites in the portfolio, links to which do not open - is this not doubtful? Answer the questions: How big is your experience, have you made sites with similar topics as I have? Perhaps they made a website for one of the competitors? Did I like their previous work?
  • Assess the size and stability of the company. How many designers, programmers, managers work in the company? Does she have a permanent office? Are there external attributes of the work of a pro - business cards, your own corporate identity, your own website? The bigger the company, the more reliable.
  • Find out what guarantees the company provides. Will a contract be prepared for your order? What does a standard technical task for a website look like? What does their standard contract look like? To what extent is it legally correct? Does it guarantee the correction of software errors? During what period?
  • Evaluate the professionalism of the customer service manager. Did the manager understand what I need? Did he suggest options that I liked? How well argued and clearly offered their options? Does the manager use typical professional communication patterns (for example, how did he introduce himself on the phone?)
  • Check the company's terms and conditions. How many design options to choose from does the company offer to develop? Order lead times? Pricing? What stages of work does the company offer in the process of order fulfillment?

Only if you are confident in the developer in all these parameters, you should order a site .

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