How to help the client choose your company?


When working in the field of sales and service provision, it is important to consider that for each client there are values that are very important when choosing a particular contractor. There are 4 core values that must be taken into account.

  • Status.
  • Safety.
  • Benefit.
  • Comfort.

When you first communicate with a client, presenting your services, you need to remember these values and be sure to pronounce your advantages. If these advantages are really important for the client, then he will definitely choose your company.

I'll give you an example.

1. Status.
In the field of web design, if a client is interested in status, then he will definitely pay attention to the studio's portfolio and, of course, to the "names" of clients.

2. Safety.
Clients whose main value is security will be primarily interested in the contract, work with printing, payment stages, terms of cooperation, as well as the mandatory prescription of penalties.

3. Benefit.
If a client compares prices, offers and is interested in quality, then profit is very important for such a client. This does not mean at all that this customer will choose the cheapest or most expensive offer. He will choose as a contractor the company that will most clearly provide and describe his services to him and convince him that this offer is the most profitable and will meet all his expectations.

4. Comfort.
Such clients are usually very busy, they do not have time for a long search for an artist, for collecting information and updating it on a daily basis. For them, the convenience of working with the performer is very important. This may be the opportunity for a manager to visit them, or a convenient location of the studio, the mandatory provision of comprehensive services so as not to look for other performers to provide related services. And, of course, the professionalism of a company that will hear and understand such a client is important.

In any case, all values are important for each customer, only one to a greater and the other to a lesser extent. Therefore, everything must be remembered and taken into account.

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