How to Increase Online Store Sales: Usability Ideas


"How online stores are doing in Russia"

Как увеличить продажи интернет-магазина

For online store owners, one of the main goals is and will be to increase sales and increase profits. This requires that potential buyers who enter the site become customers and purchase the products offered.

To increase the conversion of an online store (the ratio of the number of site visitors who performed any targeted actions on it to the total number of site visitors), you need to pay attention to: site usability (ease of using the site), contextual advertising, SEO (site promotion in search engines). This article will discuss usability techniques (from the English usability - “usability”, “usefulness”) that can increase the conversion of an online store.

  1. The site must be informative. From the first lines on the main page, it is necessary to provide the user with information about the products offered, their quality, as well as competitive advantages, so that the user chooses this online store.
  2. On the site, the visual load should not be large. With an excessive abundance of graphics, it is sometimes difficult for a person to navigate and find the information of interest to him. To save himself from unnecessary work, he can leave the site and go to another one, the interface of which will seem more friendly to him.
  3. The site should contain information about competitive advantages. As you know, there are many online stores on the Internet that are focused on the sale of one type of product. Therefore, the competition is great. Therefore, buyers should understand why they should become customers of this online store.
  4. Конкурентные преимущества
  5. Fast ordering. When a user enters the site, he pursues the goal - to buy a particular product. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the buyer achieves the desired result in the minimum amount of time.
  6. Refusal to register. It turned out that many users when buying a product are stopped by the registration form. At the sight of this form, a person refuses to register and immediately leaves this online store. This problem can be solved in the following way. When buying, the user will only need to enter his e-mail, which will receive a confirmation of his order, as well as information that the next time he makes a purchase, he will be able to enter his personal account, the password for which will be in the sent letter. Thus, registration takes place automatically, and the user will not have any obstacles during the purchase.
  7. The site should be readable and easy to use. The website interface plays an important role. It is worth paying attention to the following:
    • Easy navigation.
    • In order for the user to be well oriented in the structure of the site, for example, you can create a menu for each of the sections so that it is easier for the client to find the information of interest to him.

    • Availability of statistics.
    • If you know which pages are visited most often, you can place them in the foreground so that people find the product faster.

    • less originality.
    • Yes Yes exactly. You might think that the more original the site, the more interesting it will be for the user, but in this case it does not work. Because the non-standard look of the pages can make it difficult for the buyer to perceive, he will be confused and will not be able to understand what to do with all this “beauty”.

  8. It is more convenient when information on the conditions of purchase, payment and delivery of products is located on the product description page on the site. Sometimes situations arise when the buyer only after placing an order finds out that he is in another city and delivery is needed, or there is a minimum order amount that does not suit him at all.
  9. Every buyer faces the problem of choice. It is necessary to provide the user with the opportunity to filter the assortment of goods according to the criterion of interest to him, whether it is a low price, the popularity of the product, or something else.
  10. Having hints. Being on the site, the user needs to understand how to perform this or that step, he should not ask himself the question “What to do next?”
  11. On the site, the user needs to offer useful services that will help increase the conversion. Such services include: online consultation, publications in social networks, enlargement of the image of the product, the presence of a video about the product, etc.
We have presented in this article only some of the techniques that we use in our work, and we know that their use gives a significant increase in site conversion, and online store owners receive a lot of positive feedback about the quality of the services provided.

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